Customized Kutch Tour Packages 2018-19

Kutch Tour Packages

The white Desert of Kutch has been a splendid destination to experience nature’s marvellous creation. The vast sea line seems to be outlined as a horizon, where the skyline meets. It is an ideal place to witness the creative Kutchi Culture. It is an altogether different experience of culture and communities. Kutch is blessed with a vast diversity in its culture.

The festival is visited by Indian Nationals as well as foreigners so the count drops nearly to 80000 people in the winter season from over all the world. This year also Gujarat Tourism is ready to welcome a huge crowd across the world.

Tourist Packages

Gujarat Tourism has designed different packages for Rann Utsav suitable to ones need. You can opt for your stay 1 night 2 day, 2 night 3 days, and 3 nights 4 days different options available. The accommodation is well maintained in the luxury tents of Rann Utsav Tent city or home stay in Bhuj as well as Kutch. There are numerous places to visit during your stay such as Kalo Dungar which is the highest peak in the district, Mandvi Beach, Palaces of the Emperors, Museums and temples designed with beautiful carvings.

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2nd Largest Salt Harvesting

Kutch district in Gujarat resembled as a Kachua – Tortoise so it is virtually known as Kutch. Kutch is the largest district of Gujarat State and the second largest district in India. The greater Rann and Little Rann are surrounded by sea water and that is the reason the land gets flooded during monsoon season. The 75 % of salt harvesting of India is done in Kutch Region.

The festival was started by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in 2005 to promote tourism in Gujarat State. The festivals give a chance to tourists to get engaged with Nature.

Tribal Group

There are nearly 18 different tribal groups who have made Kutch their home. Kutch district also attracts archaeologists from over the world because it has the remains the famous Indus valley civilization. The 60 days festival celebrates the arts, music and folk of the local kutchis.

Rann Utsav Under Full Moon

White expanse of serene sand under full moon – trust us get more romantic than words. It adds to that cultural fiesta. There are innumerable range of experiences in the Rann utsav . One can go alone on a camel ride. There is also a desert safari has moderate activities for kids. Along with he kids the youngsters and elderly experience the adventurous activities arranged in the Tent city of Rann Utsav. The fabulous food also adds to up to the unforgettable experience at the Utsav. The organisers of Tent city are also foodies and they understand the needs of hungry taste buds.