Why Visit Rann Utsav During Full Moon


Rann Utsav is advised to be visited from November to March during winter season. The white Rann of Kutch turned into salty marsh during monsoons but it is brilliant to visit during summers and monsoon.

On the full moon light, the moon turns brighter as sun. It is a rare experience on the full moon light when the rays fall under white land below your feet and it seems that salt has sparkled like precious gems.

The full moon light provides mental relief and relieves stress . We feel more calm and composed while being present there. And it is really sometimes hard to describe some things which are really beautiful unless we experience the same.

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Top Attraction to visit Kutch

  1. The white desert Sunrise and Sunset: When we think of sunrise and sunset oceans and mountains will come to over mind . A desert will never come up to our mind. Every sunrise and sunset is glorious but there is none other than White Desert. The salt-crusted land looks beautiful in the changing light of Sun at the dawn and dusk. This experience will make visit to Kutch Rann Utsav an unique experience.

  2. Temples and Museum: The Swaminarayan temple located in Bhuj city is an architectural marvel made of marble, it attracts devotes and travellers across the world . The building was destroyed completely under the earthquake in 2001 but it has been rebuilt again with contribution of devotes from overall world.

  3. Beach: It is the most finest beach situated along the 1666 Km Long Gujarat coastline . The Mandvi beach is very peaceful place. It is a holiday spot for Honeymooners, Family and youngsters. The air is breezy and the sun kissed sands make the place worth visiting.

  4. Kala Dungar (Black Mountain): This is the highest point in Kutch . This place has to be in ones list to visit without fail . The views of Kutch is breath-taking from this point. There are ample of photographic opportunities available from this spot.
  5. The Viay Vilas: The vijay villas palace is an distinctive place to visit. The palace was built in 1929 by Rao Vijayraji, it is an fusion architectural style of local kutch, Rajasthan and Bengal. The palace includes a 2 Km private beach and coloured glass windows.

10 Things Not To Miss in Kutch Rann Utsav

  1. Location: Location plays a very vital role in visiting  Rann Utsav. The White salt desert spread across hundred of miles in kutch and it is an amazing experience of the desert.
  2. Weather: Kutch region enjoys a moderate weather over all . The god of weather has blessed kutch region. Visitors can enjoy hot afternoons and cold nights
  3. Sightseeing: The history of Kutch is very interesting and there are numerable places to visit such as Mandvi Beach, Emperors Palaces(Aaina Mahal and Vijay Villas Palace) and many more.
  4. Accommodation and Amenities: The amenities provided at the Rann Utsav Festival are its best. One will not regret staying here in different types of luxury tents.
  5. Near By Locations: The near by villages near Kutch Like Dhordo, Hodka, Nakhatrana , Ajrakhpur gives us a wide exposure of the local arts and crafts. We can witness amazing thigs like Rogan Art, Copper Bells, Lac Work, Block Printing, Leather quilts and Mud Mirrors.
  6. Music: Music is an amazing thing to recharge or mind, body and soul. The evenings at Kutch Rann Utsav can be spend listening to authentic sufi and folk music through traditional instruments like Manjira and Bhorrindo.
  7. Food: While experiencing holidays Food is  a very important aspect to be considered. Kutch offers a variety of cuisines and also the soulful Kutchi traditional food.
  8. Shopping: Even we are on Holidays we would like to shop for our friends and relatives and for ourselves . The region offers variety in colours and types  for men and women which is worth buying as souvenir.
  9. Cultures: Lot of people from different countries visit Rann Utsav . So you will get along with different people and cultures.

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