5 Best Places to Visit in Kutch, Kutch Sightseeing, Tourist Places in Kutch

Kutch, being the largest district of India in terms of land mass attracts thousands of tourist every year. It has got some unique places which are second to none in terms of raw beauty and amazing ambience. The very reasons that these places exists makes Kutch a place you can’t miss in your quest for quality holidays.

Let’s put top 5 places to showcase what it really meant when Gujarat Tourism Corporation announced from the rooftop that “Kutch Nahi Fekha to Kuch Nahi dekha”! (If you haven’t seen Kutch, you have seen nothing !) quite audacious claim but bang on to the reality.


Bhuj Tourism

Bhuj is your gateway to Kutch as it has both Airport and Railroad station which connects it with the rest of the world apart from highways and sea ports. It’s an old city having number of historical and interesting tourist places like Kutch Museum, Alaina Mahal, Prague Palace, Lakes and many more interesting places to be explored when you embark on your Kutch journey.



No one would have known about this small village few years back until it became the venue for the flagship tourism event called ‘Rann Utsav’ witnessing visitors from all over the world. It’s a dream of our PM and it can’t get better than this. It’s a tent city created on the white dessert out of nowhere and it’s a beauty to be seen to be believed. It has got all the amenities of a five star resort created in the white dessert which is preserved by the Mother Nature for us.

Narayan Sarovar & Koteshwar


For a spiritual traveler and nature lover, Narayan Sarovar and Koteshwar offers a great avenue to have divine encounter with God Shiva and a treat for bird watchers at Nakhtarana. There are enchanting legends about the Temple which overlooks Arebian Sea gives an amazing view and salvation to its visitors. It’s a must for Kutch Tourism.



Mandvi is an old marine port which witnessed centuries of maritime activities dates back to Harappan era. Today also it’s a hub for creating ships which are made in the dry docks of the city and used by tradesmen for business with other countries like Middle East. Mandvi has some amazing bitches to it’s credit. You must visit Vijay Villas Palace overlooking the great scenery which has been used in many bollywood films like Lagan and many more it’s an ideal backdrop for you and your families great pictures.

Fort Lakhpat


Lakhpat was a famous port in the history but due to geographical changes the sea went far and this once lively port city became deserted. Today, when you walk in the city and see the ruins you will imagine the glorious past of this historic place and this place is at the crossroads of past and present.

While in Kutch, the best place to stay is at Rann Utsav which is central to all the important things to do at Kutch and the important tourist places and Kutch sight seeing of Kutch. The best places to visit in Kutch are easily accessible from Rann Utsav.

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