Why PM Modi Held DGP Conference at Rann Utsav Dhordo?

DGP Conference at Rann Utsav Dhordo

Yes, Rann Utsav is PM Narendra Modi’s brain child when he was CM of Gujarat and he choose it to host one the most coveted event wherein Rann Utsav played host to India’s top cops on Dec 15 last year. Now when we look back at the event we realised why it could not have been organised anywhere else.

Rann Utsav offers unique backdrop of white dessert which is one of its kind in the world, every year thousands of tourists visit Kutch to witness this natural wonder second to none. The vast white salt marshes transforms you to a different world especially during Full Moon nights when the charm of moon and white sand creates a magical canvass to the perfection. Bringing the elite of Indian Police force here was a master stroke by PM to boost the event and put it on global map. This visit was extensively covered by local and international media alike giving it the maximum exposure.

Secondly, The world class infrastructure created at Rann Utsav also makes it more pleasant and convenient to have an event of this magnitude. In spite of so many VVIPs visiting and staying at Rann Utsav, there wasn’t a single complaint heard from anyone which in itself a testimony of the services one can expect while visiting this event. Such events are not only promoting Rann Utsav but also works as a testimony of the experience and services.

There are many amenities or services offered at Rann Utsav which makes it an experience of life time wherein you will get soaked in the beauty of white dessert and Kutch Culture, this event called Rann Utsav is not only promoting tourism in the region but also bringing Kutch on the map of international travel and tourism sectors.

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Image Credit : VishwaGujarat