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Mata no Madh – Important religious places of Kutch Tourism


Fom Bhuj, about 80 km to the north, the capital of the erstwhile state of Kutch and current district head quarter, is the temple of Ma Ashapura at Mata No Madh. It has become a live symbol of faith from all quarters of life, for all people of Kutch in the last about 600 years or more.


Way back in 14th century two men of the origin of Karad Vanias, Ajo and Anagor had bult his temple. They were the ministers in the court of King Lakho Fulani.

The severe earthquake of 1819 AD badly damage this ancient temple but within 5 years Sundarji Shivji and Vallabhaji, the two persons of Brahmakshatriya caste got it repaired. This ancient temple now stands at 58 ft. long, 32 ft. wide and 52 ft. tall. Once again the earthquake of 2001 AD shook it and its main dome tumbled down. However, very soon it was repaired once again and now it stands with a new and renewed grandeur. The statue of its key deity, Ma Ashapura, is 6 ft. tall, 6ft. wide and is red in colo and thers is folklore that It is said to be existing on its own also called ‘Swayambhu’ in native language.

One of the renowned personality from the history of Kutch – Jamadar Fateh Muhammad had presented this temple with a ‘deepmala’ weighing 2 kg silver, and with 41 lamps carved in it. The head of the temple is called Rajabava and his powers are still very great. Whenever the rulers of Kutch visited this region, inevitably they paid a visit to the temple, during such visits, the head of the temple sat on the throne and the rulers stood humbly before him.

The Temple

Ma Ashapura is the ‘kuldevi’ or family deity of the ‘Jadeja’ community of Jamnagar. At the city of Jamnagar also a temple of ‘Nani Ashapura was built. The people of Kutch, maintaining the true spirit o Kutch Hospitality take care that nothing is missing in their service to the visitors/followers/pilgrims who come by walking most of the time. From Surajbari to the temple at various places tents are set up for resting. In some village such tents are turned into permanent structures as guesthouses. On the Bhuj – Anjar road and Bhachau – Dudhai road villagers erect such camps enthusiastically. The pilgrims are served with tea, coffee, or other drinks, snacks, meals, fruits and even medical services like physiotherapy, doctors and medicines. These camps provide services round the clock.

A huge camp comes up opposite the Taluka Panchayat building at Bhuj. Within 3 km of this, other 5 camps also come up. Among the pilgrims there are doctors, bank officials and other educated persons too. Many ladies, girls of peasants, girls attending colleges, teachers, rich merchants from distant Mumbai and other places, all come to Kutch and serve. The pilgrims are bidden adieu from the ‘Panch-hatdi Chowk’ near the temple of Ma Ashapura at Bhuj.

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Millions of devotees visit the Mata no Madh to bow down to Ma Ashapura. The road turns into a carpet made of dry coconuts. For hours the devotees wait for their turn for ‘darshan’ and observe discipline on their own to have a glimpse of the image of Ma Ashapura. On the day of Havanashtami the royal family of Kutch remains present at the Puja. The ‘Jatar’ is offered to the deity and a ceremony called ‘Patri’ is performed. Here are also the temple of Chachar Mata, and places called Chachar Fand and Chachar Chowk. Be part of this spiritual experience at one of the most important places of religious interest from various Kutch Tourism packages. Book your dream holiday now with RannUtsavOnline!

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Please note that for this year 2016-17 season, Rann Utsav is scheduled from 01st Nov 2016 – 20th Feb 2017.

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